The life force that is JOHN GIORNO on his 75th birthday tour.
Photo: KIRBY
see also: “It doesn’t get better”

To the organizers: Nothing could’ve stopped the life force that is John Giorno. Not the terrible mic or sound. Nor the faulty taped mic stand (ditto on the shot music stand). Nor the inexcusably short powerlines/cords causing readers to contort onto the stage, fearful (warned, actually) that any movement might cause imminent harm. The fact that the host recounted her accident/spill over this same set-up last reading didn’t help matters.

Rowers Pub Reading Series is funded by OAC, TAC, CCA, TWUC, LCP, Tightrope Books, donations (space included) and a hat fund.

If this wasn’t so hazardous, it would simply be ludicrous. A disservice to all. Shame.